Interested in volunteering at Mama Sayang? Just fill out the form below and agree to the General Terms and Conditions. If you're a match for us we will be in touch. Please note the maximum stay is 2 weeks. Thanks.

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1. We are happy to accept volunteers as long as they respect our Christian values and principles.

2. We ask our volunteers to teach our children English or share skills that the kids might not already have.

3. Because we are a Christian-run orphanage, if volunteers are not married then they sleep in separate rooms in the orphanage.

4. All our volunteer rooms have air conditioning and a bath
5. We request a nominal payment of USD25 per day per person to cover your costs, payable in advance at the beginning of your stay with us. Transportation costs are to be covered by the volunteers themselves.

6. Mama Sayang is a non-smoking and alcohol-free zone
7. You will be expected to join the kids at mealtimes, and we cannot cater for any special dietary requirements.

Do you agree to these general terms and conditions?