Jev and I recognised the need in this area for an old peoples home. Many of the sick and aged were having to fend for themselves and had no dignity in the latter days of their life. It was survival and an early death.

Currently we have 2 residents: a blind man aged 82 and a lady in her seventies who cannot walk due to polio.

Our concept for this home is unique – Jev wanted the older kids with a passion for helping the aged to be involved. So its the older girls and boys who take care of them on a daily basis. This teaches them how to handle the aged with sensitivity and respect and the elderly love it as they are surrounded by teenagers. And that keeps our elderly friends smiling and buoyed up.

Of course for their medical needs we use the services of our doctor and nurse. The plan is to take a few more but this will require another full time health worker and as yet we do not have the funding for this. But it's on our wish list!