Founders Mike and Jev Hilliard

                      Founders Mike and Jev Hilliard

Mama Sayang was founded by Mike and Jev Hilliard in 2003. We are a fully licensed and legal orphanage and our goal is to help others have greater opportunities and to change lives in Indonesia.

Currently we have 130 kids from all over the country. We impart self esteem and build character through education and teaching, while learning morality and self discipline.

Our youngest child is 2 years old and the oldest is 22.

One of the biggest problems we face on a child’s arrival is that many of the kids aged 5-6 years have a smoking habit. Their parents in the remote villages get fed up of hearing the child whine continually about lack of food. So they stick a “roll up” in their mouth made with very strong, home grown tobacco to suppress their appetite.

All kids go to our school, Saint Enoch. It consists of a kindergarten, primary, intermediate and high school and is fully accredited by the Bogor Education Authority. Currently we have 252 pupils and 17 full-time teachers.

The Aisha-Dylan Clinic employs a full-time nurse to look after the health of our kids. Our kids are generally healthy though so we asked our nurse to go to the villages to help the poor that have no medical service. We also we have a doctor that comes 4 times a month to write out prescriptions for us and back up the nurse.

Our latest endeavor is the Sunshine Retirement Home. We have 2 residents staying with us: One is 84 and blind the other is 69 and confined to a wheelchair due to polio. We have many kids that want to help look after them (along with the doctor and nurse for medical matters) so they learn how to treat elderly sick people. And of course with the elderly surrounded by the youngsters keeps their morale high.

All of our costs are covered by donations. Sometimes it is tough, and we don’t always pay all of our bills on time, but everyone is very understanding of our situation.

Successes so far:

  • 14 in university, sponsored by private donations
  • 6 qualified pastors and assigned to various churches in Indonesia
  • 5 working in Jakarta for various companies – many using their English language skills learned from us at Mama Sayang.
  • 4 playing Aussie Rules football with the Jakarta Bintangs and have toured throughout Indonesia and even Thailand. We also have a have a very active soccer team, cricket team and girls rugby team.

Can you imagine village kids who live 6 hours from the nearest road in Kalimantan having these kinds of experiences? It is a dream come true for them and their families. Support our efforts by donating here.