No. 9 - Christmas 2013

Dear Friend of Mama Sayang,

As Christmas approaches we are all reminded of God’s goodness throughout the year. First may we at Mama Sayang wish you all the best Christmas ever and a very happy New Year.

We appreciate so very much all your help given and loyalty to our kids throughout the year and we repeat again and again without you investing in our kids we would not survive here.

Very briefly some highlights from 2013:

  • Our girls rugby union team had a very successful Bali trip. They matured very rapidly and one of our girls got the “Player of the Tournament” trophy
  • We had a complete upgrade of our office to enable us to use the latest technology - thanks to the generosity of the Priscilla Hall Foundation.
  • 3 of our 21 Uni students graduated with excellent marks and now entering the job market.
  • 16 of our kids are now working with PT Fluidic Indonesia in Bogor, this is a fantastic opportunity for advancement and we are humbled by their kindness’ shown to our kids.
  • The Jakarta-based PT Senjaya has also taken some of our graduates and given them positions to greatly further their opportunities. Organizations like these recognize that our kids and many other kids are the future of Indonesia.
  • Many donations from various individuals here in Indonesia with an outstanding one from “AC” who we are extremely grateful for. We never skim or take any donation for granted and use every penny for the children wisely.
  • We wish to recognize here the achievement of Alastair MacDonald, who ran the Japan Mount Fuji 160 km 2day race – non stop – for Mama Sayang. Our are kids in awe of his valiant effort! Alastair also took two of our kids to the Jakarta 10K run and Franky came number 1 in his age group, and Leha came 5th. Very proud of all of them.
  • Visits from our two Danish girls Rikke and Rebecca, then Jenny and Kas from the UK and our two Swiss girls Lena and Yani who amazingly gave up all their holidays to come to Indonesia and teach English to our kids.
  • Formation of our two boys cricket teams thanks to Robert Baldwin and have done very well in the leagues that “Baldy“ has continually entered them into.
  • Sponsorship of some our school kids by “DE” and “PW” from 7 kids we move up to 14 being sponsored now.
  • Our foundation now is in the process of being audited by Norton Rose in Jakarta which will help our credibility greatly. Big thanks to them.


We'd also like to thank all of the people who have donated through our website ( For those of whom who would still like to do so - just click on the following links:


-– Mike and Jeveline Hilliard