No. 6 - July 2012


This is the big news – we have now got a new school building. Opened on Monday 18 July. This is going to be the making of  Saint Enoch. For us once more this is testimony to the power of answered prayer and how HE helps our kids. The building is on contract for 20 years and the cost to us…free yes free!!!

We also welcome our new American consultant principal to the school, Mr Walter Brownsword and hope he is very happy with us and the children. Some of our children are now globetrotting!! Ester (left) is going to Australia in a few days time to start a years schooling there. We thank the Rotary student exchange programme very much for this opportunity.

Yossy, now playing with the A.F.L Bintangs, will soon depart for Thailand so we wish the Bintang’s all success when playing there.

Nine of our students have now entered catering school. This is a very “hands on” course like an apprenticeship and we know our students will grab this opportunity. We wish them every success with their studies. Many future chefs here I am sure!

The Mama Sayang/BritCham league has finished after a fantastic season and finals day , 200 schools and 3000 kids participating all bussed in to watch their favourite teams.…the atmosphere in the stadium was electric and kids had such a memorable day. The icing on the cake was the coaching clinic given by Liverpool legend Phil Neal!!! Thank you Liverpool FC.

So that’s our news of late…thank you, thank you all so much for making all this possible. By your effort we change lives and by your effort we make their dreams come true.

God Bless you all,

Mike and Jev