No. 5 - March 2012

Recently some Mama Saying children had the honour to visit the USS Reuben James that was on a “show the flag” visit to Jakarta…The kids had a great day, being shown all over the ship.. including the gun turrets and sitting in inside the helicopter. Big thanks to the crew.

Here’s Yossy one of boys now playing AFL with the Jakarta Bintangs..He has been nominated best Indonesian player a few times and we are so proud of him.. Well done Yossy and to the Bintangs for their guidance and coaching.

The older children were blessed by one of Angels visits to teach the children English and her motivational programme. She does this to “give back” to Mama Sayang what she has had through sponsorship...We a very proud of her and regard her of one of Mama Sayang success stories.

And for the big news – Kimi our dog has had 5 pups...if you want a puppy FREE
Please contact us...PLEASE!

So that’s us folks...thank you family and friends of MS so much for your continued help and loyalty to our children…Without your support we cannot survive…We wish you a happy Easter and every success.