No. 4 - Christmas 2011

By God’s grace our children now number 94 actually staying with us and a further 15 we help around the area. As we look back over the year, we are truly amazed at what God has done for us. Lack of space prevents us from listing every good thing so we will just highlight some of our major milestones.

First we recently commissioned our language lab for teaching of English, Mandarin and Indonesian for a maximum of 20 students.This was kindly donated by one of our sponsors and is a very useful tool for language learning. The shyest of children can now speak on a one to one basis with the teacher which is a real confidence booster.

The Mama Sayang Sunday league soccer has now 200 schools participating, which equates to 3000 children taking part in a structured sports league all ratified by the Department of Education and sponsored by the British Chamber of Commerce. The finals will be held in a sports stadium in Jakarta with many attractions beside soccer to fill the children’s day out (yes we will bus all 3000 kids to the stadium). Ian Rush also paid a visit to teach our League teams and we had a fantastic day with him and his coaching team.

As some of you may know we now have 10 children in University. And we had our first graduation a few months ago with Anggeli Ermila getting her degree in International Business Studies. This was a proud moment for Jev and I as when we think back to when Anggeli first came to us and could hardly even speak her own Bahasa language, knowing only an isolated dialect from Kalimantan/Borneo.

Our older girls watched a girls exhibition rugby team in action and felt they could do just as well. So we formed “The Apaches” - other teams better look out as we mean business! Since this photo was taken we now have boots and kit kindly donated which makes the girls look  more professional.

We don’t go looking for awards but when one comes along we are indeed honoured. Jev was recently presented with an award for creative Women of the year and we joined her in an memorable evening in Jakarta where she received her trophy and gave a short speech.

Our clinic is going from strength to strength – had our 909th patient through the doors last week and the nurse is making big inroads into the local villages seeking out the sick and infirm. We can see this is really impacting the community here and we thank God daily for opening doors through this outreach.

May we also thank our fantastic donators who have helped with rice throughout the year. We had help from as far away as Australia and UK. You are our lifeline and we cannot thank you enough for this very important support.

So our dear friends and supporters, all the children join us in saying Happy Christmas and have a super New Year 2011.

-Mike and Jeveline and all the kids